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Our Story

Developed in 2019

Our site was created in 2019 for the purpose of expression!  A family based organization. We strive to share major points of interests and ideas.  We express varying sides of an issue without bias or political scope.  We are continually growing, expanding and increasing our variety.  

It is important to us to stay trendy, alive, viable, current and focused.   If a major event happens, we will have products available within a week typically.

We appreciate feedback, reviews and general responses.  If you want to see something, think we need something — we read all communications.

From our family to yours -be safe, be happy, enjoy life and, oh yeah, and purchase a product from us!


The world is ever changing and so is our site!  Check back often for updates, new categories, new products and ideas.  If it’s trendy – we likely have it on our site.  Never hesitate to reach out and provide your suggestions as well – that helps us stay in touch!

Core Values

Our core values:

A commitment to sustainability and acting in an environmentally friendly way

We strive for innovation and excellence

We are committed to building strong communities

We provide donations for those less fortunate


Our Community

A community is a social group that is bound together by geography, profession, lifestyle, circumstances, beliefs or interests.

We strive to achieve and make a positive impact in these as well as other areas:

A sense of place – Civility – Solidarity – Celebration – Shared Experience – Empathy – Socialization – Identity – Influence – Personal Fulfillment – Giving